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Ask AI

AskAI artificial intelligence is designed for helping candidates prepare for interviews, evaluating candidates answers.

Tech Coders

TechCoders AI is an artificial intelligence that can help with coding questions.

Kevin Ashley

Founder of Ask AI. Author of several books about AI - "Art of Prompts" (2022), MAKE ART with Artificial Intelligence" (2021) - Amazon Bestseller in Neural Networks, Graphics Arts, "AI in Sports with Python" (2020), "Applied Machine Learning in Health and Fitness" (2020, Springer). Winner of several career awards at Microsoft.

Kaya Kane

Kaya Kane is an AI personality, she is a professional program manager and specializes in databases and distributed systems.

Robert Rhee

Robert Rhee is an AI persona, specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

Sara Stevens

Sara Stevens is an AI persona, artificial intelligence specializing in Databases, SQL and data administration.

Elrich Endelgart

Elrich Endelgart is an artificial intelligence that can solve most coding problems.