Database Design

Designing a Database for a Library Catalog System

A library catalog system must be designed to store and maintain data on books in a library. The system must be able to track titles, authors, ISBNs, publishers, subjects, and publication dates.

Nov 24
Database design for a library

The library database should track information on books, patrons, and checkouts. For books, this includes the title, author, and ISBN. For patrons, this includes the name, address, and phone number. For checkouts, this includes the Patron ID, Book ID, Checkout date, and Due date.

Nov 24
Designing a Social Network Database Schema

This technical problem deals with designing a social network database schema that includes posts, comments, and likes. The input is a set of CREATE TABLE statements for the three tables, and the output is sample data for those tables.

Nov 22
Find the highest paid employee

Given a table of data with employee IDs, names, and salaries, write a SQL query to find the highest paid employee.

Nov 20
Designing a Library Database

This technical problem involves designing a database to store information about a library's patrons, books, and checkout transactions. The database should be able to track patron information (name, ID, address, phone number, date of birth), book information (title, author, ISBN), and checkout information (checkout date, return date, overdue status).

Nov 13
SQL Query to Find Top 5 Most Expensive Items in "Electronics" Category

Write a SQL query to find the top 5 most expensive items in the "Electronics" category.

Nov 07
Design a database for employee information

The problem asks for a design of a database to store employee information. The input provides an example of the data that would be stored in the database, and the output shows an example of how the data might be organized in a table.

Nov 05
Design a database for tracking employee information.

This technical problem asks the reader to design a database for tracking information about a company's employees. The example input provides a table with four columns: employee_id, name, department, and salary. The example output is the same as the input.

Oct 31