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Finding Employees Who Have Been with the Company for More Than 5 Years

This technical problem deals with finding employees who have been with a company for more than 5 years. Given a table of data with employee start and end dates, the goal is to write a query that returns all employees who satisfy the 5-year criterion. An example input and output is provided.

Nov 27
Find the id of the row with the maximum value

Given a table with two columns, id and value, write a query to find the id of the row with the maximum value.

Nov 26
Find the Second Highest Salary in a SQL Database

Write a SQL query to find the second highest salary from the employees table.

Nov 24
Find the average salary of all employees in a company using SQL.

The average salary of all employees in a company can be found using a SQL query. For example, if the employees table contains the following columns: ID, NAME, and SALARY, the average salary can be calculated by querying the table for the average value of the SALARY column.

Nov 24
Find customer with highest balance

To find the customer with the highest balance, you can use a simple SQL query as follows: SELECT customer_id, name, balance FROM customers ORDER BY balance DESC LIMIT 1

Nov 22
SQL Query to Find Users with Multiple Orders

This technical problem involves writing a SQL query to find users with multiple orders. The example input and output are provided.

Nov 21
Find customers with at least one order in each table

Given two tables, this SQL query finds all customers who have at least one order in each table.

Nov 21
SQL query to return names of people with score > 80

This question asks for a SQL query that returns the names of all the people with a score greater than 80.

Nov 15