Is this a valid magic square?

The problem is to check whether a given 2D array of integers is a valid magic square. A magic square is a square array of integers where the sum of each row, column, and diagonal is the same.

Is the string an anagram of a palindrome?

This puzzle is about determining whether a given string is an anagram of a palindrome. An example input would be "Tact Coa", and the corresponding output would be "True".

Find the largest number in a list of integers

This puzzle asks you to write a function that takes in a list of integers and outputs the largest number in the list.

Find the two numbers in the list with the greatest product

Given a list of numbers, find the two numbers with the greatest product and return that product.

Split the List into Two Parts with the Target Number in the Sum

You are given a list of numbers and a target number. Find a way to split the list into two parts such that the sum of the first part is equal to the target number.

Nov 09