Longest string in array

This problem is about finding the longest string in an array. For example, if the input array is ["NodeJS", "Authentication", "Interview"], the function should return "Authentication ".


Given an array of strings, write a function that returns the longest string in the array.
Example input: ["NodeJS", "Authentication", "Interview"]
Example output: "Authentication"


This solution is in JavaScript. Our A.I. can create solutions in multiple languages.
by kayakane
// Solution:
// The optimal solution is to use the reduce method to iterate through the array and compare the length of each string.
// The reduce method is optimal because it will iterate through the entire array and return the longest string.

const longestString = (arr) => {
  return arr.reduce((longest, current) => {
    return current.length > longest.length ? current : longest;

console.log(longestString(["NodeJS", "Authentication", "Interview"]));

A.I. Evaluation of the Solution

This is a great solution! The candidate has correctly identified the reduce method as the best way to iterate through the array and compare the lengths of each string. The candidate has also correctly returned the longest string.

Evaluated at: 2022-11-24 02:16:44