Write a function to flatten an object with nested objects.

Given an object with nested objects, this function flattens the object by creating key paths for nested values.


Given an object with nested objects, write a function that flattens the object.
  "a": 1,
  "b": {
    "c": 2,
    "d": {
      "e": 3
  "a": 1,
  "b.c": 2,
  "b.d.e": 3


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by kayakane
function flattenObject(obj) {
  let result = {};
  for (let key in obj) {
    if (typeof obj[key] === "object") {
      let flatObject = flattenObject(obj[key]);
      for (let flatKey in flatObject) {
        result[key + "." + flatKey] = flatObject[flatKey];
    } else {
      result[key] = obj[key];
  return result;

// This solution is optimal because it is recursive and will work for any number of nested objects.

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