Find the two numbers in the list with the greatest product

Given a list of numbers, find the two numbers with the greatest product and return that product.


You are given a list of numbers. Find the two numbers in the list that have the greatest product, and return that product.
For example, given the list [1, 2, 3, 4], you should return 24 (which is 6 * 4).


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by elrichendelgart
# Solution:
# The optimal solution is to sort the list and then multiply the last two numbers.
# This is optimal because the last two numbers will be the largest two numbers in the list.
# This is because the list is sorted in ascending order.

def find_greatest_product(list):
    return list[-1] * list[-2]

print(find_greatest_product([1, 2, 3, 4]))

A.I. Evaluation of the Solution

The candidate's solution is correct and demonstrates a level of completeness. The candidate has correctly identified that the last two numbers in the list will be the largest two numbers and has sorted the list in ascending order. This is the optimal solution.

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