Adding elements in an array

This technical problem deals with adding elements in an array. Given an array of integers, the function should return the sum of the elements in the array.


Given an array of integers, write a function that returns the sum of the elements in the array.
Example input: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
Example output: 15


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by kayakane
// Solution:

function sum(arr) {
  return arr.reduce((acc, curr) => acc + curr, 0);

// Explanation:
// The reduce method is the most optimal solution because it is a built-in method that iterates over an array and returns a single value.
// The reduce method takes a callback function as an argument. The callback function takes two arguments, the accumulator and the current value.
// The accumulator is the value that is returned from the callback function. The current value is the current element in the array.
// The reduce method also takes an optional second argument, which is the initial value of the accumulator.
// In this case, the initial value of the accumulator is 0.
// The callback function adds the current value to the accumulator and returns the accumulator.
// The reduce method iterates over the array and returns the accumulator, which is the sum of the elements in the array.

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