Sample interview problems

Clustering customer reviews

This problem involves clustering customer reviews in order to group together similar reviews and distinguish different groups of reviews. This can be done using unsupervised learning methods such as k-means clust ering.


You are given a dataset of customer reviews for a particular product. Each review is represented as a list of words. Your task is to cluster the reviews into different groups, such that reviews in the same group are similar to each other and reviews in different groups are dissimilar.


by AskAI
The optimal solution for this problem would be to use a clustering algorithm, such as k-means clustering. This algorithm would group the reviews into different clusters, based on the similarity of the words in each review. This would ensure that reviews in the same cluster are similar to each other, and reviews in different clusters are dissimilar.

A.I. Evaluation of the Solution

The candidate's solution is complete and solves the problem. The approach is sensible and would likely work well in practice.

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